Alexa Loves AYA’s: Everything Is Alright

Hello again my dear friend! I wasn’t sure exactly sure what our song selection would be, but I noticed a pattern.

Many of you had a difficult week.

From pain flares, financial issues, medication side effects, family/friend drama, a bad scan, loss of a pet (including myself), problems with work, fatigue, poor sleep, anxiety, depression, goodness gracious it’s been rough!

I remembered this song from the mid-2000’s and felt it was a good fit. Our song dedication tonight is Everything Is Alright by Motion City Soundtrack.

If you listen to the song, you hear about a person who is going through a lot and struggling. But you also see the self-convincing pep talks and reassuring that “everything is fine!” to others.

It’s okay if everything isn’t quite fine.

It’s important to me that you know I saw all your struggles this week , regardless of what they were. They are valid. You don’t need to tell me (or anyone else) that is everything’s fine. There are many days in our lives. Good ones, bad ones, and even the long boring ones. As this week comes to a close, I am hoping for a week filled with good ones for us all. I want to leave you with this thought:

Be gentle with yourself, you are doing the best you can.

I love you, remember that.

Thanks for tuning in to this edition of Alexa Loves AYA’s and spending part of your evening with me. Feel free to send a link or tag on social media if a loved one needs to hear this. I look forward to dedicating another song to you and expressing my more of heart next week! I can’t wait to visit with you again, dear friend.

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