Oh boy, these always sound scary. But I want to make things clear and provide answers. I may have to edit or modify this page at some point, but here are some of the most important parts.


While I am more than happy to answer questions and share my experiences, I am not a doctor or licensed medical professional. I cannot provide “medical advice” or a diagnosis. My opinions should not be counted as medical advice. I do give tips and tricks I’ve found, but it is your own liability if they are used. I cannot be held responsible for any consequences resulting from my blog/blog posts. It is never my intention to have misinformation, but I may have to correct errors from time to time. I assure you I will do them promptly.

Social Media

I use social media as a way to connect with other AYA cancer friends and for advocacy/promotion reasons. I may follow, comment, retweet, reply, like, etc to an individual or page. The individual or organization may not always have accurate information (cancer/legal/etc) or reflect my personal values on their account/page. A follow/follower or retweet/comment doesn’t necessarily mean a full or even partial endorsement. I may retweet a particular tweet without looking at the individual’s profile and other tweets. I may also like a photo without reviewing the individuals profile beforehand. Retweets/likes/comments are standalone. While I am selective, I may post a comment on something (image or tweet) that doesn’t completely align with my values. I may do this for a bigger picture/advocacy reason. This should not be considered a full endorsement.


I have been in the web, graphic arts, and general creative community for over a decade. Let me be clear: I take copyright and intellectual/creative property issues SERIOUSLY. This is why all my fonts have commercial/public licenses. Any image I do not personally create or personal pictures are carefully sourced with a commercial/public license. Although I do not profit from the blog, I believe in clear terms. I do not want any confusions with a “for personal use” license, so I choose to do public/commercial license. None of the images that promote “My Broken Butterfly” or “Alexa Loves AYA’s” contains ANY copyrighted material. This includes textures, fonts, graphics, brushes or anything else. I usually do not retweet or Instagram ‘repost” other’s creations. If I do in the future, it will be only if it is cleared to do so and retweeted or Instagram ‘repost” from the original artist. I am a little more flexible in Instagram stories in terms of backgrounds, but no copyright would be intended and this doesn’t apply to an artists work as I would give full credit.

Regarding “Alexa Loves AYA’s”, no copyright infringement is intended. I source the YouTube videos from the actual artist or record label. While I do create a graphic to post to Instragam and the blog with a small portion of lyrics, I always give full, large, and clear credit to the song and artist. I do NOT own the song or lyrics and never claim to. I have taken great strides to do this on the up and up vs making my own video with a dedication with the song. That case could potentially be a copyright infringement situation. I make no profit off ALA’s with the blog OR Instagram posts. That never is or was my intent. I just want to encourage adolescents and young adults with cancer or a chronic/serious illness. I do feel like this situation complies with fair use.

And to Lighten the Mood

Due to speaking another language that has an entirely different structure and grammar rules than English, I may write sentences that don’t make much sense. I do use a software that catches some of these errors, but I might not realize it until later. I tend to correct them as soon as I realize it or come up with a better alternative. Just hang with me, shake your head, and say “pffft, classic Alexa” until I do!