Here are some places I’ve been featured in:

Young adult thyroid cancer patient grateful for personalized careMD Anderson Cancer Center Cancerwise Blog

Best of MD Anderson 2019: Words of wisdom from our cancer survivorsMD Anderson Cancer Center Cancerwise Blog

A chatbot pulled me out of a ‘really dark place’BBC News

Local company connects cancer patients, survivors WROC/Rochester First – Rochester, NY

I Need You To StayElephants and Tea Magazine

Global Virtual Cancer Conference 2019 – Panelist on “So, You Got The Good Cancer?” led by Ellis Emerson.

Here are some resources that I think are important. I hope you find them helpful:

MD Anderson links:

Thyroid Links:

AYA Related Links:

  • Dan’s House of Hope – A home away from home in Houston, TX with additional programs for AYA’s.
  • Dear Jack – This is a awesome AYA cancer organization created by musician and young adult cancer survivor Andrew McMahon. I highly recommend you watch the documentary “Dear Jack” if you are an AYA patient.
  • Elephants and Tea – Magazine just for AYA’s!
  • Humor Beats Cancer – A wonderful website for young adult cancer patients to tell funny stories from their cancer adventure.
  • Stupid Cancer – AYA cancer organization with help and support.
  • Lacuna Loft – A variety of free virtual activities for AYA’s ages 18-45.