Alexa Loves AYA’s

Alexa loves AYA’s is my way of showing how much I care! If you are part of the adolescent/young adult (known as AYA, ages 15-39) family current or former, either by cancer or chronic illness, I will be dedicating a song just for YOU! I will also add in a few words to hopefully provide some encouragement. I am going to be dedicating songs you might not normally hear in this context, so plan to be surprised! You are always free to send a link or tag on social media. I have a YouTube playlist that I will update with every song I share.


  • Let It Out by Switchfoot (08/03/2019) I encourage you to release what is weighing you down, no matter how you get there!

  • The Middle by Jimmy Eat World (08/17/2019) We discuss a quote and change it up a little. I remind you to not let you or anyone else write yourself off yet!

  • On The Inside by GFM (08/25/2019) I share some thoughts on Hurricane Harvey on the two year anniversary and talk about that relates to cancer or a chronic illness.

More to come!